2009 Activity Summary

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In January 2009, we set some goals for ourselves to make sure we kept participating in the outdoor activities that we love instead of sitting on our arses getting fatter. The chart above shows the goals we set as well as what we actually achieved.

We decided on three categories to track last year: nights spent sleeping outdoors (bag nights), miles hiked and miles biked. The hiking miles and bag nights were educated guesses whereas the cycling mileage was a totally made up number… which may explain why we didn’t achieve that goal!

But it’s good to set goals that make you stretch a little, eh?

For 2010, we’ve bumped up our bag nights by two or three nights but we left the hiking mileage at 100 miles. We’ve set a more realistic cycling mileage (600 for Bryan, 300 for Mandy and Aly) and we hope to have another active year.

PS – As far as the not getting fatter… “Ha!” and “Yeah right!” I’m (Bryan) the fattest I’ve ever been and that isn’t a good thing. Maybe I need to add a year end weight goal to my portion of the chart? (c: