Adoption Announcement

It's a DOG

We’ve decided to keep the puppy. He’s been trying to be a good boy, and has already learned some commands like ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ and ‘come.’ He’ll grow up to be big and strong enough to stay outside during the day, and he’ll like coming with us on backpacking and hiking trips. We’re getting him at the perfect age to teach him to behave and cooperate. And he really needs a home, so even if we aren’t perfect puppy parents, his life with us will be a lot better than just being out on the street, or stuck in a shelter, or chained in some guy’s backyard.

We’ve enjoyed having Hayduke underfoot the last couple of weeks. We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of dog he turns out to be.

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  1. This is Lorrie using her Molly Dog account. Hayduke is a good lookin' dog. You are good souls for keeping him.

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