Guest Bathroom

When we bought our house, we knew that our second bathroom was sort of terrible. The fixtures were nice, but the room was painted bright yellow with a sort of multi-layer brown/gold spongy finish. I suppose the previous owners had thought that the effect would be rich and elegant. I thought that the effect led []

North Georgia

Our friends Adam and Amy live in Georgia. We keep in touch online but hadn’t spent the weekend together since before Bryan and I were married, and before their daughter Maddie was born. Maddie’s three now, and another baby’s on the way. We decided it was time for another getaway weekend. Since it’s easier for []

Bike Tour to Leola

Mandy and I met up with our friend Kathy this weekend for a quick bike trip to Leola. Forty-five miles or so one-way, camping next to a lake, a trip to a catfish restaurant for dinner… should be a good weekend. Our route was nice, mostly rural highways with a usable shoulder. The roads weren’t []

Graduation Photos for Juliana

(Bryan’s brothers girlfriend) Juliana graduates from the University of New Orleans this spring! She and Michael came up to visit, and brought Bryan’s mom along for the ride. Juliana brought her cap and gown, and we took some portraits for her and showed her around Little Rock.

Nose bleed

For some reason, Mandy gets nosebleeds occasionally. They’re usually not a big deal, with the exception of the one major self-inflicted crash into the red pickup in the McDonald’s parking lot. But it seems that when she gets one, she gets several of them in a few days’ time. It doesn’t seem to bother her []

Making himself at home

We’ve had a “FOUND PUPPY” sign up out by the busy road for two weeks now. I’ve only received one phone call, from a woman who lost her little black pomeranian. “I’m not sure what this dog is, ma’am, but I can tell you for sure he’s not a pomeranian.” I brought him inside on []

Tent Cleaning

Seeing as how this blog’s name is “Past Tents”, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that we are frequent tent USERS but we’re not very good about maintenance. We tend to leave our tents crammed into their stuff sacks for weeks after a camping trip, without airing them out or cleaning them at all. Finally, we []

Snow Day!

It’s a snow day! The snow began to fall in the middle of Sunday afternoon, and by dark we had six or eight inches of white powder. I tried to take a silent bedtime walk in the quiet blanket of snow, but instead my walk because a sort of proving ground, a laughing kinetic experiment. []

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