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Ozark Highlands Trail, Section 2

Last weekend we hiked the second section of the Ozark Highlands Trail, from White Rock Mountain to Cherry Bend, with our good friends Britt and Debbie. The timing was perfect to celebrate Britt’s retirement. After a long career caring for elephants in several states, and one last sad and frustrating year at the Little Rock []

Lake Catherine

Sometimes the best places are the ones close by. We wanted a quick, low-mileage weekend camp-out and hike, so we drove to Lake Catherine, near Hot Springs. Why haven’t we been there before? Probably because it’s only thirty minutes away. It was a pleasant campground with some walk-in sites, so that we didn’t have to []

North Georgia

Our friends Adam and Amy live in Georgia. We keep in touch online but hadn’t spent the weekend together since before Bryan and I were married, and before their daughter Maddie was born. Maddie’s three now, and another baby’s on the way. We decided it was time for another getaway weekend. Since it’s easier for []

Kathy’s First Backpacking Trip – Caney Creek

Our good friend Kathy is a good campground-camper, but had never backpacked. She likes being outside, but she’d never actually carried all her stuff on her back and spent the night in the woods far away from everything. So we all decided that we should fix that. We picked her up after work on a []

Tent Cleaning

Seeing as how this blog’s name is “Past Tents”, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that we are frequent tent USERS but we’re not very good about maintenance. We tend to leave our tents crammed into their stuff sacks for weeks after a camping trip, without airing them out or cleaning them at all. Finally, we []

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