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Merry Christmas (Observed)!

First there was Christmas (observed) at our house. Since Mandy’s always in Tulsa for the first half of her holiday break, we always open presents either before or after that trip. This year, Saturday the 22nd was the day chosen to observe the gift-giving part of our holiday. We kept things pretty simple this year, []

Goodbye, Diane

Our friend Diane was hit by a car in November, while riding her bike. She spent over a month in the hospital, in a coma, before her death last week. I think it was hard for everyone who’d known her to wrap our heads around the loss of such a beautiful person, in such a []

It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Bryan and Mandy insist that we have a real Christmas tree, and while I grouse and complain about it, I really don’t mind. I like supporting our tree farming people, and I like the way a real tree looks and smells in the house. Someone meets us at the truck with a saw when we []

Another Thanksgiving in New Orleans

We left Wednesday evening just after work to drive to New Orleans – to Metairie, actually, which is a sort of suburb. We arrived, as usual, at about two in the morning. After the misery of LAST Thanksgiving with Bryan’s family – click here to go back to that story, because I don’t want to []

Oxygen, My Friend

For years and years, I’ve had weird ‘groups’ of what I thought were migraine headaches. I thought that all horrible headaches were migraines. But these were strange. For one thing, they happened in groups – I’d be fine for a year or two, and then I’d be hit with an awful headache every other day []


We’re a little bit conflicted about meat in our family. I don’t eat a lot of it, because it makes me sad, but I’ll almost always bend my principles for bacon. Or ribs. Most ‘specially if Bryan smokes them.

Crystal Bridges

On our last weekend of Mandy’s visit to Tulsa, Bryan and I decided to take an extra day off work and use the long weekend for a trip to northwest Arkansas. We took Hayduke with us. He behaved really well in the hotel (except for the one very serious bark he directed at a housekeeper []

They Do!

Aaron and Brittany got married! We don’t know them well at all, but Aaron’s parents are good friends, and they invited us to their lovely backyard wedding and asked Bryan to take a few photographs. Bryan did a good job, as always. I brought my little camera and snuck around in the bushes taking macros []

Dog House Project

Hayduke has a pretty good life. That little stray puppy huddled in the tree roots, hungry and scared, has made a fine life for himself in the house across the street. He gets good dog food and an endless supply of toys and treats and belly scratches and long hikes in the woods. It’s his []


This year we added an official Festivus celebration to our holiday calendar. (Wikipedia has a well-written and comprehensive article about Festivus, and you should read it if you’re unfamiliar with this winter holiday.) Bryan made a Festivus pole for the house (under $10 DIY or you can buy one here¬†–Bryan), and our friends Kathy and []

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