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Time Machine

“If the pure and elevated pleasure to be derived from the possession and use of a good telescope were generally known, I am certain that no instrument of science would be more commonly found in the homes of intelligent people.” –Garrett Serviss (1901) Pleasures of the Telescope The forecast for tonight and the following four []

The Geminids

Bryan was determined to see some good meteors this year. DETERMINED. Our Orionids had been rained out, and our Leonids had been somewhat spoiled by the experience of driving around for an hour looking for a nonexistent viewing spot and then lying on the concrete in front of a dark fire station hoping not to []

Mama’s Little Coonass

Mandy’s been deer hunting several times this autumn with our friend Jarion. At first we thought she was interested in hunting just because she likes to try new stuff, and we supported that, as we always try to do. We figure that, as parents, part of our job is to let Mandy nose around and []

The Leonids

Bryan and I decided that, since the Orionids meteor shower last month had been such a disappointment, we’d try to watch the Leonids this month. Mandy’s schedule precluded a camping trip, but he and I got up at three in the morning to drive out to the overlook on Highway 5. We overshot and ended []


Bryan’s grandparents know he likes old camera gear, so as they’ve been cleaning out their attics and closets these past few years, they’ve passed their Brownies and other old cameras along to us. One from his Grandma Schambach came to us with a roll of film still inside; we sent it off to be processed []

Transit of Venus

We have no telescope. But Bryan didn’t want to miss the transit of Venus across the sun, so he did a little research on the interwebs and came up with a way for us to watch safely. He put a tripod in the driveway and mounted the binoculars on it. Then he fixed up a []


Bryan got me a Mother’s Day present, but he couldn’t bear to wait until May to give it to me. It’s a slackline! It’s a lot like a truck tiedown strap, made of heavy yellow synthetic webbing with a burly buckle to pull it tight. It’s supposed to be looped around a tree at each []

Diamond Bear

Diamond Bear Brewery doesn’t have more than three or four employees, so when it’s time to bottle they call in their part-timers and put out an email asking for volunteers to help with the bottling line. I’ve been on the email list for about a year, but they almost always bottle on weekday afternoons, which []

Goodbye, Fencing

We took fencing lessons from the local club (Central Arkansas Fencing Club) for about a year. It was neat to learn the basics of a sport not many people know about. We looked cute in our fencing gear. We had fun stabbing at each other. But fencing was expensive, in terms of time and energy []

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