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Graduation Photos for Juliana

(Bryan’s brothers girlfriend) Juliana graduates from the University of New Orleans this spring! She and Michael came up to visit, and brought Bryan’s mom along for the ride. Juliana brought her cap and gown, and we took some portraits for her and showed her around Little Rock.


So… hell froze over and two photographers I admire (Joe McNally & David Hobby) teamed up to tour the country and lecture about off camera flash with small hotshoe flashes AND they were coming to Dallas AND it only cost $99. Cha-ching, I’m there! This isn’t a full on review or trip report and I []

CRF New Years

This is Bryan’s seventh New Years at Hamilton Valley, the Cave Research Foundation’s facility at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. For Mandy and I, it’s the fifth New Years. It’s become a sort of fixture in our family schedule. Mandy makes a big deal about having just the right kind of sparkling grape juice, which she []

Birthday Silk Painting

Today, Mandy turned thirteen. She and I spent the day in a silk-staining workshop on campus, and we enjoyed it. After stretching silk scarves on frames, some people sketched directly on them with marker or pencil. Mandy, who wanted to do a koi-pond scene, thought she’d do better sketching the elements on plain paper first.

CRF Annual Meeting in Missouri

Every year, the Cave Research Foundation’s annual meeting is held in an area where the organization has an ongoing project. The board has a closed meeting, which is followed over the next few days by open-to-the-public meetings and field trips and caving. This year’s annual meeting was held in Van Buren, MO, so we drove []

Benton’s Own 20K

Clearly, we don’t run in this, because we don’t run. But our friends Britt and Debbie do the 20K in Benton every year. Mandy ran the last little bit with Britt, just so he’d have company.

Painting with Elephants

This is our good friend Ellen. She’s an elephant, and she (and our other elephant friend, Mary) live at the Little Rock zoo. Britt Thompson, their keeper, introduced us to his summer intern Elise, and she’s been playing bike polo with us. On Elise’s last week in Little Rock, Britt said it would be okay []

Fencing update

Last winter, I found out that there was a fencing club in Little Rock. I knew Bryan had some equipment, having fenced briefly in college, and I thought he might enjoy getting involved in the sport again. So I pointed him toward the group. In a happy coincidence, I found out that one of my []

Bat Houses

Audubon Arkansas has moved into their new repurposed and remodeled facility down near the airport. Mary Smith, their director of education, asked Mandy if she’d work on the bat houses there. They aren’t being used at all, and Mary didn’t know why. Mary also had two used houses she wanted installed close by the new []


(I’ve been sitting on these photos for a while now, they were actually taken back in late January! -Bryan) We talk a lot about how we want more practice with our photography gear, but we don’t often get around to actually setting it up. Tonight we ran out of excuses and gave ourselves an evening []

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