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Foster Dog

A couple of weeks ago, my coworker Kristin noticed a stray dog outside her office window. I went out to say hello, and found that the dog was so afraid that he’d freeze anytime he saw a person, even far away. I stood still for five minutes or so, and he stood still too, just []

Sick Puppy

Poor Hayduke. He had a really nice visit to New Orleans last week. He behaved well in Aunt Dot’s backyard, when he was there, and when he was allowed in the house, he was a gentleman. He rested in our spare bedroom, played nicely with Emma, and even when he escaped to the living room []

Water Dawg

Hayduke loves water, so when when we decided to buy boats early this year, it seemed unkind to consider getting into a hobby he’d love, in a way that excluded him. So I chose my boat with the intention of paddling with Hayduke. We brought him with us to the lake when we tested boats. []


One year ago today, we took our puppy swimming for the very first time. At the time we really didn’t know if he’d like the water. He did – so much that we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate his first Waterversary. So we went back to the same spot – a nice swimming []

Poor Hayduke

Hayduke’s been swimming so much that his ears have been bothering him. We ordered some stuff online that was recommended as a sort of dog swimmer’s ear remedy. It reviewed well, and we figured it would help. Last week, we noticed some little bumps on top of his head. No big deal, we thought – []

Dog House Project

Hayduke has a pretty good life. That little stray puppy huddled in the tree roots, hungry and scared, has made a fine life for himself in the house across the street. He gets good dog food and an endless supply of toys and treats and belly scratches and long hikes in the woods. It’s his []

Obedience Class for Dogs

Hayduke went through a puppy kindergarten this past spring (Blue Sky Dogs) with flying colors, though with perhaps a little bit too much enthusiasm. We took the class from Colleen who runs a pet shop on Cantrell Road, and it was worth every penny and every minute we spent. For his beginning obedience class, we []

The Amazing Giant Cat Tree Palace Sniper Tower

We asked Nathan to borrow his Big Dummy cargo bike, and I swung by Pete’s on Thursday after work to pick it up since that’s where Nathan was storing it. While doing so, I couldn’t help but notice that Pete’s neighbors across the street had put one of those enormously expensive cat trees on the []

Adoption Announcement

We’ve decided to keep the puppy. He’s been trying to be a good boy, and has already learned some commands like ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ and ‘come.’ He’ll grow up to be big and strong enough to stay outside during the day, and he’ll like coming with us on backpacking and hiking trips. We’re getting him []

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