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Making himself at home

We’ve had a “FOUND PUPPY” sign up out by the busy road for two weeks now. I’ve only received one phone call, from a woman who lost her little black pomeranian. “I’m not sure what this dog is, ma’am, but I can tell you for sure he’s not a pomeranian.” I brought him inside on []

Kind People Live Here

Dogs show up in our neighborhood and around our yard on a pretty regular basis. They’re usually unfamiliar dogs, and they’re usually in good shape, clearly just stopping for a little smell around on their way someplace else. We’re not above patting a head here and there, or making a phone call if there’s a []

Beagles for Sale, Five Cents

A couple of Sundays ago, while I was mowing, two beagles showed up in the yard. They seemed to be on their way somewhere, but were clearly in need of a shady nap and a bowl of dog food. We complied. I’m not sure what instinct prompted me to install them in the back yard, []

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