Christmas (Observed)

Since Mandy is always out of town on the 25th, in Tulsa, we manage to drag the holiday out for several extra days. This year, because I work for the university, I had a week and a half off for Christmas. We slept late every day, and I made something yummy for breakfast, every single day.

On Christmas Eve, Bryan made a holiday meal of homemade moo goo gai pan with our favorite cheap white wine.

Wine & Tree

On Christmas day, we took extra naps and went out for a traditional Christmas Dinner at the local Chinese buffet restaurant. On the day after Christmas, I discovered that the afternoon squares of sunshine appear on the living room floor just as I get sleepy. Trust the universe.

And today, Sunday, Mandy’s home, and now it’s really Christmas! We went out for Chinese food again, and then we put on our pajamas, which she insists we wear while opening holiday gifts. We opened our presents and drank Bryan’s eggnog and watched the Charlie Brown Christmas Special on the laptop.