DIY Bike Stand

Aly has been talking about fixing up her old 1985 Schwinn Voyageur and before we can take it to the shop to see if there are any major defects we can’t detect, we need to clean it up a bit. So that sounded like a good excuse to build a work stand for our bikes (c:

An article on had plans on how to make a $30 DIY Bike Stand so Mandy and I tackled it after work tonight and you can see our finished product in the photo up top. Turns out it was super easy to make but I was bummed that it cost more $55 (w/tax).

Below you can see all the parts needed (including ones we didn’t need like four of the washers and the pipe cap). We followed the instructions pretty much as is though we used 3/4″ pipe for the vertical member instead of the 1″ called for in that article.

The two pipes are joined together with an elbow …

… and the pipes are attached to a flange which is mounted on the base board …

… a pipe clamp holds two pieces of wood which clamp on to the bikes seat post. Making the grooves in the wood blocks was actually the most time consuming part of this project.

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  1. I don't think it was anything in particular… I even used 3/4" pipe instead of 1" and I used MDF instead of plywood.

    I don't know how old that set of instructions was (though I thought it was fairly new) so if it was several years old it might just be the effect of time.

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