So… hell froze over and two photographers I admire (Joe McNally & David Hobby) teamed up to tour the country and lecture about off camera flash with small hotshoe flashes AND they were coming to Dallas AND it only cost $99. Cha-ching, I’m there!

This isn’t a full on review or trip report and I didn’t take many photos but it was definitely worth the price of admission plus the air fare I spent to go to Dallas and back on the same day (slightly more expensive than driving myself and tons easier). The photo above (click on it to see it bigger) shows about half ballroom that we were using at the Hilton Anatole, I believe there were 300+ people in attendance.

David shoots manual flash (mostly) and Joe shoots iTTL (mostly) and it was great to see them shoot while walking us through their thought process. Seeing how they build up the lighting in the photo, how they control the shadows and background was really really useful. You can only learn so much from books, seeing the process in person was the whole reason to attend.

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