Go, Mom, Go!

All week, the weather forecast has indicated that yesterday we’d get a half inch of ice topped with up to several inches of snow. We were tremendously excited. We were all off work/school on Friday, but all we got was a very disappointing half inch of frozen rain and stupidity. Which we were determined to sled on. Before breakfast, I sanded, waxed, and resanded the runners of my old sled.

After a few test runs in our neighborhood, we drove to a nearby subdivision with a good quiet hill, complete with a good ninety degree turn at the bottom.

Here’s the SleddinCam Bryan set up, because he’s cool like that. And yes, it obstructed the pilot’s view just as much as you’d think from this photo. But I didn’t care. Check out the video from that run down the hill…


Below are some ice-covered pretties that Bryan photographed while waiting for me to walk back up, because I got waaaay farther than he did due to my superior skill at hurtling down hills. Remember, I was raised by teenaged boys. Sometimes it shows.