Goals for 2010, Goals for 2011

We don’t really do New Years’ Resolutions at our house – we’re just as likely to begin an exercise program in March, or set goals to be more organized in August, or try to eat better in October.

One thing we have been doing, though, is to set some specific goals for biking and hiking and ‘bag nights’ – nights spent in sleeping bags – for each year. This means that these goals are specific numbers to work toward rather than a soft idea (camp and ride more).

You can click on the graphic below to see how we did in 2010. Go ahead, your eyes aren’t good enough to read that tiny print.

For 2011 we’ve adjusted these goals a little:

  • Bag Nights: 15 for each of us
  • Hiking/Backpacking Miles: 100 for each of us
  • Biking Miles: 1000 for Bryan, 500 for Aly and 350 for Mandy

Here are some other outdoors / exercise-related goals for this year:

  • Bryan and Mandy are talking about completing a “Couch-to-5k” running program sometime this year.
  • Aly’s going to try to get back into the habit of going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week.
  • As a family we’d like to take a week-long bike tour this year, which means working up to riding 50+ miles several days in a row.
  • Bryan can ride a few yards on the unicycle, but he’d like to get better. Mandy has plans to ride a mountain biking trail, learn to jump at least six inches vertically and some other uni-related tricks
  • Aly and Bryan have talked about completing a century (100 mile) bike ride this year. We’ve both ridden Metric Centuries (62 miles) before.
  • Regarding bike riding, Bryan would like to have zero weeks with zero miles this year.
  • Bryan would also like to commute to/from work 10 days this year, that’s about 260 miles total.

And in the spirit of reaching those 2011 goals, Bryan and Mandy rode 34 miles on Saturday with our friend Kathy and seven other Arkansas Bicycle Club members. The temperature that morning was in the high 30’s and would wind up in the mid-40’s. (The down vest Mandy is wearing came off after the first couple of miles.)