Hooray, SNOW!

Last night we went to bed smiling as the Who Dat Nation celebrated the Saints’ victory in Superbowl XLIV. This morning we awoke to a snow covered yard.

Really? Did hell freeze over because of a football team?!?!

Who cares? We finally have enough snow to play in! Mandy and Bryan built a snowman (Bryan’s first-ever) then they had a snowball fight and built a snow fort which, fortunately, didn’t see any action. I drove to work but didn’t stay long; I did a perfect donut in the parking lot (right in front of the surveillance camera) and was home for lunch.

The snow came down in big, fat, heavy, wet flakes and the weather oscillated between rain and snow most of the afternoon. We took a nap and then built another snowman before suppertime. The roads are ok tonight but will probably freeze over, and Bryan and Mandy already know they’re staying home again tomorrow.