New Washer. New Haircut.

Here’s a semi-responsible decision: we just upgraded our washing machine.

While our current washer wasn’t actually broken yet, it was of uncertain age, with a questionable history, and was missing some paint. A store sale (25% off), combined with a 10% off coupon from said stores competitor, free installation & delivery, and Arkansas’ current generous rebate for upgrading to Energy Star appliances ($175 off) meant that we could have a new washer for about half price including tax. Wow!

If Bryan were writing this, he would also tell you that all the online reviews for the new washer were very good, and that it will pay for itself in energy savings in just a couple of years. It seemed like a smart thing to do. But all the same, it hurt to replace something that still worked.

Now our washer and dryer match, which feels like a great luxury. Plus, the new washer is really interesting to watch. All three of us spent a considerable amount of time today with our heads stuck in the porthole, watching our clothes tumble around in the suds. I’m completely amazed that the new washer cleans things with so little water. Plus, it plays a cheerful little song when it’s done, just like its new friend the dryer. They seem very happy together.

Also, did you notice in the photo above that I’m missing some hair? Yep, it’s spring, and I was sick of my ponytail, and I went and got it all chopped off. WHACK. Gone.

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  1. I'm jealous of your washer rationalization! We have a clunker of a 1993-vintage top-loader but I've done the math as honestly as I can and it looks like we wouldn't save nearly as much money as appliance salesmen and websites suggest … because we don't pay for water (it's free and plentiful, off the mountain behind us), because we wash in all cold and hang dry (hence not saving tumble-dryer time by having clothes come out less wet) and only do about 4 loads a week, rather than the 8 that are considered average for a household. The per-load electricity consumption of our old washer actually isn't as poor as websites led us to believe — we tested with a little meter. We figure we'd save $20-30 a year. So I just have to wait for our top-loader to break. How sad.

    I love watching front loaders too. If I come visit, can I watch yours? I think they're better than TV.

    Your hair looks great … at least from the back!

  2. Miranda, if you have to drive from British Columbia to Arkansas just to watch my front loader, you're using a significant amount of energy. Clearly, it would be a savings to buy your own cool washing machine.

    How's that for logic?

  3. Four loads a week for six people?

    [sings]Some-one's go-ing co-man-doh! 🙂

  4. OMG, you're right, Aly! You can be my rationalization consultant from now on.

    Yup, Bryan, four loads a week. Mostly our family is just lazy about changing clothes. We do laundry when things are visibly dirty or smell and not before. Not much commando happening here, except on feet. No one here wears socks or shoes except under duress for some reason.

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