NOLA Trip, Day 5: The End

This is a multi-day trip report, so if you haven’t already started at the beginning pleaseĀ click here to read from Day 1.

And then it was over. It seems amazing that after such a monstrous, weeks-long, city-wide party, the street could be clean and things could be back to what looks like normal so quickly.

I did a few errands, including a stop at Francis’ bakery to get a king cake to take to work on Thursday. I walked in the open front door, between stacks of FedEx boxes. The front room of the bakery is dirty, and tired, and the woman who came up front to meet me looked exhausted. “Do you have any plain king cakes?” I asked. She breathed out, a little short breath, and she leaned on the counter and looked at me over her glasses. “No, honey. We GOT to take a break SOMETIME.”

We really did eat this many Randazzo’s king cakes while we were in town, and they weren’t the small ones. We ate the king cakes, and we have the babies to prove it.

We loaded up the car said our goodbyes. I found one last baby in the last chunk of king cake I ate before we got in the car. We stopped in Amite to visit Grandma Sig and were home by midnight.