Our Past Tents

Since our blog is called Our Past Tents, we figured we’d show everyone the tents we’ve owned in the past.

1999 – 2008 || Kelty Creekside 2 || Status: In Storage

This is actually a photo of the tent from Bryan’s first backpacking trip (solo, in July) on the Little Missouri Trail, Arkansas (1999). This campsite has become a favorite swimming hole to enjoy with friends.

This is the first tent that Bryan owned as an adult. He ordered it from Campmor while he still lived in the dorm during college.

2000 – Present || Hennessy Hammock || Status: In Use

John Collins borrowing Bryan’s hammock on a backpacking trip in Louisiana.

After bending numerous tent stakes on Arkansas rocks, and getting tired of looking for level places to set up a tent, Bryan bought a pair of these hammock-tents from Hennessy Hammock.

Trying to take a nap at Cox Creek Lake, Arkansas after a day of bike touring (2011).

Bryan still thinks the hammock is a wonderfully comfortable place to sleep though since getting married he’s more often than not found in my tent. Our daughter has discovered the joys of hammock camping, though, and chooses to use it fairly often if the weather is warm enough.

2003 – 2006 || Subaru WRX || Status: Sold

Sunset Point, Petit Jean State Park

While the WRX was adequate for in-car sleeping, I finally decided that practicality was more important than being able to drag race teenaged boys at stoplights.  It was traded to the dealership for a more appropriate grownup Subaru, which would comfortably accommodate four plastic bins.

2003 – Present || Sierra Designs Light Year || Status: In Storage

No idea where, no idea when.

Early in the Single Mommy Days, it became clear that Mandy and I needed a decent tent. We were camping a lot and backpacking a little. My brother perma-loaned me his SD tent and I gratefully accepted.

2003 – Present || 2003 Nissan Frontier || Status: In Use

Ouachita Trail 50 (2008)

This truck has served Bryan well over the years and the only complaint about it today is it really only holds two people. When purchased, the idea that Bryan would need room for three wasn’t even considered. The camper shell holds plastic bins full of gear and sleeping on an air mattress is a luxury.

2008 – Present || MSR Missing Link || Status: In Storage

Lake Ft. Smith State Park, Arkansas (2008).

Purchased for use on our honeymoon backpacking trip to Saguaro National Park, this lightweight, single-wall tent is HUGE on the inside and makes use of hiking poles for support.

2008 – Present || North Face Something-Or-Other || Status: Retired

It was nearly midnight when we pulled into Monahans Sand Dunes State Park, Texas (2008). Before going to sleep, we took this long-exposure shot. It got down to about fourteen degrees that night.

Our friends, Britt and Debbie, decided we needed a four person/four-season tent prior to our honeymoon trip. This was a tent they had in storage and they offered it to us. The door zippers don’t function anymore but it is huge and warm inside due to the lack of mesh.

2010 – Present || Marmot Aura 2 || Status: In Use

We camped at a ballpark in Marthasville, Missouri while riding across the state via the Katy Trail (2011).  When we arrived and set up camp, Little League games were still in progress. It’s the little odd things like this that I love most about traveling – the thing I remember most fondly about the whole town of Marthasville is the conversation we had that night with three little kids, waiting for their big brother’s game to conclude.

When we started bike touring, we bought this tent with an REI dividend because we wanted a lightweight tent that didn’t require hiking poles to set up. It’s been a good purchase, and in the winter we often ‘fast pack’ it, sleeping under just the fly without the tent body.

2010 – Present || ENO Doublenest || Status: In Use

Mandy and baby Hayduke attempting to sleep while backpacking on the Ozark Highlands Trail, Arkansas (2011).

We have two of these, and we love them. They’re light, quick to set up, and super comfy for napping and reading. When bugs aren’t a problem, they’re good option for warm-weather overnights.

2017 – Present || REI Kingdom 6 || Status: In Use

Jouflas Campground, near Grand Junction, Colorado (2021).

I wanted a tent I could stand up in to change my pants so this is what we found. It has a full coverage rain fly and, when the additional guylines are used, it is very strong in high wind situations. Sometimes we arrange the inside with an air mattress, and a table+chairs. Other times we fit a three adults on cots inside with room to spare.

2021 – Present || Durston X-Mid 2P || Status: In Use

Missouri Lakes, Colorado (2021)

Hayduke managed to rip the rainfly of our Marmot Aura a few months before a Colorado backpacking trip so we started shopping for a replacement. We kept reading about this lovely tent designed by Dan Durston but it was sold out and had been for months. Turns out thought that there was a new shipment expected soon and Bryan managed to buy one for us. This simple to set up double-wall tent weighs 36 ounces and utilizes two hiking poles.

2021 – Present || Hummingbird Single Hammock || Status: In Use

Description of hammock.

Photo: Caption goes here.

2021 – Present || Six Moon Designs Deschutes Plus || Status: In Use

Description of tarp tent.

Photo: caption goes here.

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