So long, GTT!

We bought the GTT for good reasons. Most of which had to do with it being really cool.

As we rode it, though, we realized that it wasn’t the perfect machine for us. Its bulk and weight made it difficult to keep up with other riders in a group. The lumbar supports in the seats were comfy for Mandy and Bryan, but my herniated disc made it very difficult for me to ride comfortably for any distance. Mandy was continually irritated by people saying ‘you need to pedal back there, ha-ha.’ And even though it was still super cool, it was also still a super big pain to transport. In the past few months, we’ve found ourselves less and less likely to haul it out of the garage to go on a ride.

So we decided to sell it. Bryan listed it on several websites and message boards frequented by recumbent cyclists, and after a few inquiries fizzled, we answered an email from Paul and Kathy from Indianapolis.

Rather than having them drive to Benton for a short and boring test ride in our little neighborhood of cul-de-sacs, we met Paul and Kathy at the River Trail in Little Rock. It was the best test ride ever. After introductions all around, they got on the GTT and took off, with us following on our touring bikes. We had a nice long ride together, with Bryan and I hanging back sometimes so that they could talk, then catching up to them sometimes to answer questions or make adjustments to the GTT.

And it paid off. We shook hands in the parking lot and the GTT was theirs. We hope it has lots of adventures with its new friends. The photo up top is from Paul and Kathy, showing us their new trike ready for an adventure with its spiffy new trailer and flags.