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SCBPC Bike Polo Tournament

Bryan returned from the Flashbus workshop in Dallas late Thursday night, and got up on Friday to go to MacArthur Park to help set up for the Southeast Regional Bike Polo tournament and play a few games of pickup. Mandy’s out of town, so I joined the group right after work to help out. To []

Lexington Polo Tournament

Mid-West Bike Polo Open LRBP learned a lot in Austin and then we learned even more in Lexington, KY at the 1st Midwest Open bike polo tournament. Nathan, Dan and I asked the organizers questions, we asked the computer programmer guy questions, we participated in the refereeing meeting and we helped ref several games. We paid attention []

The Massacre-ade Ball

Austin Massacre-ade Ball Little Rock Bike Polo sent a whopping eight people to Austin, TX for their Halloween tournament (the Massacre-ade Ball). None of the Little Rock teams did particularly well but everyone seemed to view it as a learning experience. Notes were taken about what to do and what not to do with regards []

Polo Court Work Day(s)

The polo courts need work. Because of a few generous donations, a lot of smaller offerings, several loads of donated lumber, and last weekend’s exhausting polo tournament, we can make that work happen. On Thursday, Keith from the Clinton Foundation, along with a couple of dozen volunteers from Americorps, came to help renovate our polo []

Little Rock Bike Polo Fundraising Tournament

We play bike polo (NYT’s video) in downtown Little Rock, at MacArthur park, on two run-down and long-neglected tennis courts. It’s good in a lot of ways – semi-dedicated parking, a locked bathroom we have the combination for, trash cans. Years ago, some roller-hockey guys added solid sides to one of the courts, two-foot-tall walls []

Bike Polo Update

In the couple of months since we first visited the polo courts, we’ve played more and more. My polo bike has become somewhat infamous for being heavy and making terrible noises. Bryan bought a new bike for polo and has made some adjustments, like narrow handlebars and brakes. For some reason, this summer bike polo []

Alys Super Cool Polo Bike

When we decided we’d like to try playing bike polo, we started looking for a ratty old bike to use. I was surprised at how difficult it was to find an adult-sized bike at pawnshops and thrift stores. After several days of dedicated effort, I found this great girls’ 1975 Schwinn Varsity at a scary []

Date Night for Bike Nerds

We heard at the last minute that Ian Sims, the founder and CEO of the Australian recumbent trike company Greenspeed, would be visiting Little Rock late this afternoon. It was very cool to meet him (and Greenspeed’s US marketing person, Deanna) and ride the X5 trike they brought with them. (BOO CHAINWHEEL BIKE SHOP STAFF, []