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Katy Trip: Getting Ready

This summer, Mandy switched around her visit to Tulsa so that she could go to her Audubon camp. That shifted the time we could set aside for a family vacation from super-hot early August to hopefully-nicer early June. As a teenager, I rode parts of the Katy Trail in Missouri. It’s about 250 miles of []

Lake Sylvia by Bike

We met Gordon and Lois and the girls for a two-day trip from the Lake Sylvia area out to Forked Mountain to spend the night. It was a great ride – about 35 miles almost entirely on gravel, with some swimming and camping in the middle. It was peaceful and quiet and traffic just didn’t []

Bike Tour to Leola

Mandy and I met up with our friend Kathy this weekend for a quick bike trip to Leola. Forty-five miles or so one-way, camping next to a lake, a trip to a catfish restaurant for dinner… should be a good weekend. Our route was nice, mostly rural highways with a usable shoulder. The roads weren’t []

The Training BRAA

I’ve been having terrible headaches, and my doctor told me to cut out alcohol and caffeine. But did that stop me from carrying a whole box of wine for other people on our weekend bike tour around Lake Degray? No. No, it did not. The Arkansas Bicycle Club does a twice-a-year multi-day “Bike Ride Around []

Last Days of the Spring Tour

The Arkansas Bicycle Club had its “Spring Tour” and even though I couldn’t ride with them all week, I did manage to join them for their final two days. Susan picked me up on the way to Glenwood where we met the road warriors for dinner at a very nice Italian place. After dinner we []

A little touring

Bike touring is essentially backpacking, on roads, with wheels. Touring bikes have a different frame geometry than road bikes do, they’re geared differently, and there are more attachments for racks and extra bottle cages. Everybody has a different setup for touring: John refuses to buy a touring bike at all, so he doesn’t have any []

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