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Goodbye, Diane

Our friend Diane was hit by a car in November, while riding her bike. She spent over a month in the hospital, in a coma, before her death last week. I think it was hard for everyone who’d known her to wrap our heads around the loss of such a beautiful person, in such a []

Arkansas Footdown Championships

What, we’ve found yet another ridiculous bike-related thing to do? Ummm. Yep. Avoiding ‘foot down’ is a highly valued skill in bike polo; if you can’t balance on your two wheels and your mallet, and your foot touches the pavement, you’re penalized. I suppose it’s also good to be able to balance without touching down []

Training Rides, New Bike

Mandy and Kathy have spent the last couple of weeks getting ready for their trip to New York. Neither has been riding a lot, so now that Mandy’s back from her trip to Tulsa, they’ve been getting together nearly every day to spend some time on the bikes. It was a good idea, except that []

A Jaunt Around England

Mandy’s bike needed an inaugural ride, so we planned a loop through from Scott to England and back to Scott (we didn’t do the spur to Toltec this time). I didn’t realize it until partway through the ride, but this almost-thirty-mile loop is by far the longest Mandy’s ever ridden on her own bike (as []

Mandy has New Wheels!

Mandy’s only concern about selling the GTT was that it would leave her with no bike to ride – she’s been too big for her last pink-and-purple Schwinn for at least a year now, and still too small for anything else in the garage. So Bryan did a little shopping online and found a good []

Tour de Hoot

The Tour De Hoot is an annual bike ride in McGehee, AR, offering cyclists a chance to help support the small town’s Boys’ and Girls’ club. There’s a pasta dinner and other fun activities the night before, free air conditioned indoor camping, a big breakfast on Saturday morning. We’ve had a busy week though, so []

Bike to Work Week

It’s National Bike Month! All three of us rode to work/school this month at least once. Bryan’s been getting things together to begin commuting to work on occasion. His goal is once a week through the summer months. His first commute went well, and he even established a safe and convenient bike-parking spot. He’s looking []

Ride Crowley’s Ridge: The Final Day

Once again I wasn’t able to join a group for their entire week of riding but I was able to join them (~20 people) for their last day. This group was organized by the Mississippi River Trail organization in partnership with Delta Scenic Byways, Arkansas State University and the Jonesboro Parks and Recreation Department. Their []

Downhill speed: the LHT on River Mountain Road

So today I finally got to take the LHT out for a good first ride and we drove to Little Rock to meet up with the Arkansas Bicycle Club’s “Sunday @ 1 o’clock” ride on the River Trail. At the end of the ride, mind you this was after 29 miles of riding and a []

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