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Feeling… Surly!

So this weekend I took possession my new Surly Long Haul Trucker (LHT for short) and wound up selling my old Giant Cypress hybrid bike to my friend Gordon. I bought the LHT (pictured at the top of this post) from Sam at The Community Cyclist bike shop in Little Rock and had him… change []

Rough Riders

I keep thinking I’d like to try a long ride on the endless gravel roads in the National Forest near here. Sure, the surface is rougher, the hills are steeper, and there aren’t any sandwich shops. But wouldn’t it be nice to ride all day without getting crowded off the road by an angry pickup? []

Let’s go for a ride

We’ve been riding more lately. Because of back issues, I’ve been riding the Voyageur while Bryan pilots the big recumbent. We’ve enjoyed the springtime weather and the time together. This ride took us under the big pecan trees along Highway 161 between England and Scott.

50+ Miles…

Aly and I rode our tandem recumbent trike on what is my longest ride ever today… 51.4 miles. Even though the tandem is rather comfortable, after that long in the chair stuff still hurts if you aren’t used to it. We’re glad to be home… that post-ride shower and Quizno’s were just what the doctor []

Commute to Work

Well… I’ve ridden my bike home from work before but today Aly is riding her bike to a work related training session at the 4H Center ~17 miles north of here. Yay her! This is why she’s leading her office team in the Walk Across Arkansas challenge and she’ll do this today and tomorrow. Did []

A quick ride before dinner

Today, Mandy and I took the GTT out for a ten mile ride around town. This ride pushed me over 100 miles for March 🙂 We’ve been trying to ride every day and we’re hit and miss. We’ll get the whole weather + cooking + chores + homework + riding thing down though. Our new []

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