Dog House Project

Hayduke has a pretty good life. That little stray puppy huddled in the tree roots, hungry and scared, has made a fine life for himself in the house across the street. He gets good dog food and an endless supply of toys and treats and belly scratches and long hikes in the woods. It’s his first winter here, and even though he sleeps inside at night, he needs a doghouse for the cold mornings and evenings he stays outside during the winter, or during the rainy parts of the year.
But will any old doghouse do? No, it will not. No doghouses we can buy locally are insulated. No doghouses we can order online review well. Most dogs in Arkansas do just fine with a non-insulated doghouse. Most dogs don’t read online reviews.

We’re BUILDING a doghouse. We ordered plans online from and gathered ideas from reviewing hundreds of doghouse photos. We’ve gone to Home Depot a half dozen times. We’ve spent good money and large parts of four days building this doghouse.

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