Goodbye, Fencing

We took fencing lessons from the local club (Central Arkansas Fencing Club) for about a year. It was neat to learn the basics of a sport not many people know about. We looked cute in our fencing gear. We had fun stabbing at each other. But fencing was expensive, in terms of time and energy as well as cash for club dues. There were some details about the structure of the club that we found really frustrating. We weren’t learning a lot. And after a year, we all agreed that it just wasn’t worth it.

This weekend, we got out the gear and washed it and will send a for-sale flyer to the club.

Update: We managed to sell all of our gear! Thanks for your inquiries.

Fencing update

Last winter, I found out that there was a fencing club in Little Rock. I knew Bryan had some equipment, having fenced briefly in college, and I thought he might enjoy getting involved in the sport again. So I pointed him toward the group.

In a happy coincidence, I found out that one of my favorite coworkers teaches the club’s beginning classes. Mandy thought it looked interesting too. (Mandy thinks EVERYTHING looks interesting.) The club meets on Thursday nights, and I’ve been able to work my class schedule around it.

Six months later, all three of us are fully outfitted with beginner-level fencing gear and are nearly done with the beginners classes. We’ve been able to determine that Bryan has some natural ability. Mandy’s gift of intense focus may be an asset in the sport. I have no such advantages, but have always cultivated the skill of enjoying things I’m bad at, so it all works out.