Mama’s Little Coonass


Mandy’s been deer hunting several times this autumn with our friend Jarion. At first we thought she was interested in hunting just because she likes to try new stuff, and we supported that, as we always try to do. We figure that, as parents, part of our job is to let Mandy nose around and do lots of different things so that she’ll have the opportunity to figure out what she really enjoys.

We were a little surprised to find that, after getting up early to sit soddenly in the cold rain for a morning or two, she still really wanted to hunt. We scratched our heads a little at that, but Jarion was a very good sport about being willing to continue taking her along, so we continued to make time for her to go . “It’s not called deer SHOOTING,” they said. “It’s called deer HUNTING.” Continue reading “Mama’s Little Coonass”