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Bryan’s grandparents know he likes old camera gear, so as they’ve been cleaning out their attics and closets these past few years, they’ve passed their Brownies and other old cameras along to us. One from his Grandma Schambach came to us with a roll of film still inside; we sent it off to be processed []

They Do!

Aaron and Brittany got married! We don’t know them well at all, but Aaron’s parents are good friends, and they invited us to their lovely backyard wedding and asked Bryan to take a few photographs. Bryan did a good job, as always. I brought my little camera and snuck around in the bushes taking macros []

Graduation Photos for Juliana

(Bryan’s brothers girlfriend) Juliana graduates from the University of New Orleans this spring! She and Michael came up to visit, and brought Bryan’s mom along for the ride. Juliana brought her cap and gown, and we took some portraits for her and showed her around Little Rock.


So… hell froze over and two photographers I admire (Joe McNally & David Hobby) teamed up to tour the country and lecture about off camera flash with small hotshoe flashes AND they were coming to Dallas AND it only cost $99. Cha-ching, I’m there! This isn’t a full on review or trip report and I []


(I’ve been sitting on these photos for a while now, they were actually taken back in late January! -Bryan) We talk a lot about how we want more practice with our photography gear, but we don’t often get around to actually setting it up. Tonight we ran out of excuses and gave ourselves an evening []

Daddy + Baby Camera

Mandy’s been asking more and more questions about photography and getting more and more frustrated with the restrictions imposed by her old point and shoot. She’s thinking of things she wants to do and can’t. So she’s been saving up her allowance since January, and finally we subsidized her savings enough to order a used []