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Caddo Valley Rail Line

We’re a member of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and Bryan is one of their email lists that notifies interested people when a rail company files abandonment paperwork for a section of rail line. Thousands of miles of rail have been abandoned in the last few decades, and most have seen their rails and crossties sold for []

Katy Trip Day 8+9 (St. Louis)

This is a multi-part trip report. If you haven’t already, you should start at the beginning. Remember that you can click on any of the photos to see larger versions of them. Bryan and I wake up this morning to find the note Mandy’s left on her bed: Super hungry, took a key, going to eat []

Katy Trip: Getting Ready

This summer, Mandy switched around her visit to Tulsa so that she could go to her Audubon camp. That shifted the time we could set aside for a family vacation from super-hot early August to hopefully-nicer early June. As a teenager, I rode parts of the Katy Trail in Missouri. It’s about 250 miles of []