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Snow Days

Mandy’s out of town, leaving Bryan and I with quiet days home together on holiday break. On Christmas afternoon, it began to rain, and slowly the rain started freezing on the roof and on the bushes and on the trees. And on the street. And then it was ice. And little pine-tree branches fell on []

More Snow for Central Arkansas

There’s been a lot of snow this winter. We’ve had four or five snow days. We could have braved the bad roads – they really do get awful here, with the lack of equipment and people to clear snow and ice – but why bother? Mandy’s school was closed, and since Bryan and I both []

Snow Day!

It’s a snow day! The snow began to fall in the middle of Sunday afternoon, and by dark we had six or eight inches of white powder. I tried to take a silent bedtime walk in the quiet blanket of snow, but instead my walk because a sort of proving ground, a laughing kinetic experiment. []

Hooray, SNOW!

Last night we went to bed smiling as the Who Dat Nation celebrated the Saints’ victory in Superbowl XLIV. This morning we awoke to a snow covered yard. Really? Did hell freeze over because of a football team?!?! Who cares? We finally have enough snow to play in! Mandy and Bryan built a snowman (Bryan’s []

Go, Mom, Go!

All week, the weather forecast has indicated that yesterday we’d get a half inch of ice topped with up to several inches of snow. We were tremendously excited. We were all off work/school on Friday, but all we got was a very disappointing half inch of frozen rain and stupidity. Which we were determined to []

Unicycles on Ice

On Friday, there really wasn’t enough snow to play in, but enough sleet had fallen that the streets in our neighborhood were pretty slippery. So we thought a good idea would be to see if Mandy could ride a unicycle on it. I’m hard pressed to make this sound like a responsible parenting decision. I []