Chem2 is HISTORY

It’s been a difficult school year for me. I’ve only done seven hours for each semester, because Chemistry at UALR is very, very hard, apparently in order to discourage potential medical students. My advisor told me twice that most geology students take their chem classes at a nearby community college.

After the final, I went to Debbie Thompson’s house. We sat on her deck and watched the sun set and drank beer and burned all my chemistry notes.

I’m done. I ended up with high Cs in both chem 1 and chem 2. A year ago I’d never have believed I’d feel proud and relieved to see Cs on my transcript – I’m an A student! – but the fact is that these chemistry courses have bludgeoned my ego pretty thoroughly. Or maybe they’ve just taught me humility. I’m not good at everything. I’m learning to accept that.

I can go on to my other science courses now. I’ll never have to take another chemistry class again. This summer I’m taking an oceanography course, and next fall I’ll be doing physics and geology.