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Four riders from the Memphis Unicycle Club joined us for a playdate in Little Rock. We rode the Clinton Park bridge and played near the Clinton Library before heading to the Rivermarket for lunch. From there we went to the Junction Bridge and the Peabody Park for a little trials riding. The good riders had []

Memphis Uni Trip

Click on photo to see it larger. Mandy’s been working hard on unicycle skills, practicing after school by riding in the street in our neighborhood. She’s had a chance to meet several of our neighbors, who are enjoying watching her progress from those first few lurches across the pavement. But despite our best attempts at []

Big Dam Wheel

After hours of carrying rocks and digging holes, I was ready to go home, but Mandy wanted to see if she could ride the unicycle over the Big Dam Bridge. According the the BDB website, the bridge itself is about eight tenths of a mile long and the approaches are at a 5% grade. It []

Two Miles for Mandy

While we adults have been fiddling with our bikes lately, Mandy has been happily practicing on her unicycle. (And also getting straight A’s in all her classes. And also applying for and being accepted to 7th grade Advanced Art for next year. And also deciding to be a National Geographic photojournalist when she grows up. []


(I’ve been sitting on these photos for a while now, they were actually taken back in late January! -Bryan) We talk a lot about how we want more practice with our photography gear, but we don’t often get around to actually setting it up. Tonight we ran out of excuses and gave ourselves an evening []

Unicycles on Ice

On Friday, there really wasn’t enough snow to play in, but enough sleet had fallen that the streets in our neighborhood were pretty slippery. So we thought a good idea would be to see if Mandy could ride a unicycle on it. I’m hard pressed to make this sound like a responsible parenting decision. I []

Lynn Rides Again

Lynn Brucker rides a unicycle at CRF Hamilton Valley. Also in the photo (l-r) are unknown, Lynn Brucker, Mandy Harris, Matt Goska, Joyce Hoffmaster, and Mike Carter (the one from Arkansas). Mandy brought our unicycle to Hamilton Valley at New Years to show off her new found unicycling skills and in conversation with the Bruckers, []

On One Wheel

The answer is: one week. It took her one week to learn to ride a unicycle. Bryan still can’t ride more than ten feet. I barely even get up on the seat. And the child orbits us in big, sweeping left-handed circles, smiling, held up by the wind. All cavers, it seems, have a bat []


Sunday morning, after breakfast, we got out the unicycle so that Matt could give it another try. We had juggling balls and clubs out, too. Bryan taught himself to juggle years ago, when he was in high school, and then he’d taught David down the street to juggle and to pass. And Mandy gave free []