The Amazing Giant Cat Tree Palace Sniper Tower

We asked Nathan to borrow his Big Dummy cargo bike, and I swung by Pete’s on Thursday after work to pick it up since that’s where Nathan was storing it. While doing so, I couldn’t help but notice that Pete’s neighbors across the street had put one of those enormously expensive cat trees on the curb next to their trash can. Some of the carpet was worn through, but it seemed clean and bug-free so Pete and I shoved it into my Subaru.

I spent Saturday morning with a utility knife, ripping carpet and rope off the cat tree. I vacuumed it and covered it with a just-in-case coat of flea spray. Once Bryan discovered a similar cat tree for sale online for $400, he cheerfully supported my project. We moved it inside and I spent some time over the weekend wrapping the now-naked legs with new manila rope.(four 50-foot packs of 1/4″ rope and three 50-foot packs of 3/8″ rope)

Hayduke thinks that, when the cats chase him around spitting and clawing for his eyeballs, that means they want to play. Hopefully they’ll use their new Amazing Giant Cat Tree Palace Sniper Tower to climb up and away from the overenthusiastic puppy.