They Do!

Aaron and Brittany got married! We don’t know them well at all, but Aaron’s parents are good friends, and they invited us to their lovely backyard wedding and asked Bryan to take a few photographs. Bryan did a good job, as always. I brought my little camera and snuck around in the bushes taking macros []

Little Maumelle River

  We borrowed boats from our friends over at Arkansas Outside to try out a stretch of the Little Maumelle River. There are so many things I love about central Arkansas. Imagine being able to paddle a kayak for eight plus miles down a river, within the city limits of the largest city in your []

New Mountain Bike

In the back of my head, I’ve thought that mountain biking would be interesting to try but over the years I’ve never gotten closer than riding my Long Haul Trucker (LHT) touring bike on gravel roads near Lake Sylvia or in Newton County or riding my polo bike on a very flat beginner mountain bike trail []

Tweed Ride

Our friend Vinny decided that we should have a tweed ride. He’d seen photos and stories from tweed rides in other cities, of people in old-timey woolen clothes smoking pipes and riding bikes, and he thought we should have one in Little Rock, too.

Dog House Project

Hayduke has a pretty good life. That little stray puppy huddled in the tree roots, hungry and scared, has made a fine life for himself in the house across the street. He gets good dog food and an endless supply of toys and treats and belly scratches and long hikes in the woods. It’s his []

Petit Jean Campout

This is our niece, Emma. What a sweet face! Who wouldn’t agree to a post-Christmas campout with these eyes? Bryan’s brother Kevin, his wife Julie, and their little girl had plans to camp at Petit Jean State Park over the holiday break, so we joined them. We had short dayhikes, lazy afternoon naps in camp, []


This year we added an official Festivus celebration to our holiday calendar. (Wikipedia has a well-written and comprehensive article about Festivus, and you should read it if you’re unfamiliar with this winter holiday.) Bryan made a Festivus pole for the house (under $10 DIY or you can buy one here –Bryan), and our friends Kathy and []

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