Christmas 2011

We had a good Christmas weekend at our house. We slept late several days in a row, and we ate Chinese food at two different restaurants. We went on a long bike ride with a friend. It’s true that there were lots of presents – we worked together to choose and send gifts to family and friends, and when Mandy got home from her trip to Tulsa, we took turns opening gifts from other family members and friends, and gifts for us from each other.

At our house, Christmas isn’t a religious holiday. And while we do like presents, we try hard not to focus on them. We celebrate Christmas by taking the time to stop everything else we’re doing and be with the people we love. We drink eggnog together and we lay in a pile on the couch, reading, for hours and hours, because it is Christmas, and because these are the people we care most about in the world, and because what we want is to be here, with them, in this warm house, always.