How boats are made

Ever wonder how modern canoes and kayaks are made? We did, so we went in search of a few videos and figured we’d share them here.

It seems like most kayaks are made by rotomolding though one or two companies blowmold them… most canoes are made of Royalex and are made by vacuum forming but this material won’t be manufactured after spring 2014… SOME canoes (mainly the more modern/short whitewater canoes like those made by Blackfly and Esquif), are made by rotomolding… and Mohawk Canoes is working on a blowmolding process for their new whitewater canoe.

How to make a kayak – rotomolding (Liquidlogic)

How to make a kayak –¬†rotomolding (Jackson)

How to make a kayak –¬†blowmolding (Prijon)

Royalex vacuum molding – (Novacraft)