New Years Hike

Happy New Year! The last supper of 2011 was Jarion’s excellent steak and veggies, eaten by the light of a camp lantern on a picnic table. We spent the last night of 2011 in a tent near the top of Mount Magazine. It’s a windy, windy place.
We were up early, in the cold. Jarion had lost the lighter the night before, so I loaded up the early risers to obtain a replacement (and coffee) at the Lodge. Then we drove back to camp for pancakes and eggs and sausage before loading up the dogs and the gear and driving back down the mountain.


And then we hiked back to the top, up to the high point of Arkansas, on the first day of the year. Though the day had started out chilly, the sun came out and the wind died down and it was a pretty, pretty day.

Ivy the Poodle is learning to be a good hiking dog. She nearly got lost in the woods on our last hike, but this time Ivy stayed on leash more and has learned to keep closer by even when she’s free to explore. She really likes being out in the woods, with all the interesting smells and noises.

We arrived at the high point just at sunset and hiked to the lodge in the waning, cooling light. The boys ran a quick shuttle to get both cars to the top, I napped outside with the dogs, and Mandy and Kathy played word games in the lodge lobby next to the fire. We ate supper in the lodge restaurant and Jarion surprised Kathy with a room at the lodge for the night.

It was a good day. I hope the rest of the year is as good for both our families.

(Photos for this post are by MANDY.)