Snow Day!

Snow Day #1-

It’s a snow day! The snow began to fall in the middle of Sunday afternoon, and by dark we had six or eight inches of white powder. I tried to take a silent bedtime walk in the quiet blanket of snow, but instead my walk because a sort of proving ground, a laughing kinetic experiment. Yes, they CAN ride polo bikes and municycles in the snow.Today, we all had the day off. Mandy’s school was closed and, since Bryan works for state government and I work for the university system, we both had a paid snow day, too. I was ready: I’d packed an ’emergency snow day kit’ with yummy snacks and new pajamas. Bryan and Mandy played outside and I enjoyed watching through the big livingroom windows. Later, we played chess together and worked on some other inside projects.

By this afternoon, only a little had melted. A ruler atop Bryan’s black truck still reported five inches of snow.

Snow Day #1-1867