Trip Planning: GAP and C&O Canal Trails

Repository of maps, trip reports, and other planning information for a possible future 330-mile bikepacking trip from Pittsburgh to DC.

Maps and Planning

Bikepacking the GAP Trail and C&O Canal Trail

Bike About: GAP and C&O Trails

C&O Canal Trail / Great Allegheny Passage Trip Planner

5 Books To Read Before Bike Touring From Pittsburgh To Washington D.C

The C&O Canal Towpath History

Pittsburgh To DC: GAP And C&O Canal Trip Elevation Profile


Bikepacking the Great Allegheny Passage / C & O Canal

Trip Reports

Solo on the GAP Trail: Forest Bathing, Stories, and Delights

The UncoveringPA Guide to Biking the Great Allegheny Passage: Pittsburgh to Connellsville

The UncoveringPA Guide to Biking the Great Allegheny Passage: Connellsville to Confluence

The UncoveringPA Guide to Biking the Great Allegheny Passage: Confluence to Cumberland, Maryland

Trail Conditions

OT2020: OT Sec 10 (again)

After last weekend, some of our party skipped out on Mondays day hike so a few of us got back together and knocked out the 7.7 miles they missed.

The sun was nice enough for a mid-hike rest. It’s nice to watch the trees sway above your head. With this hike in the bag, our little group of hikers is close to completing Section 10.

The toe socks worked well to eliminate the toe problems I encountered on last weeks hike. I think part of the problem may be boots that are too loose due to weight loss. More investigation is needed.

We continued removing logs from the trail where we could and taking notes on the ones we couldn’t deal with. We submit these notes to the Friends of the Ouachita Trail with hopes that their volunteers will tackle some of these projects.

The Little Vase That Was

It’s been a quiet six years on this blog! We’re quite alive although life, as it’s prone to do, got in the way of posting about our adventures. This post isn’t intended to catch the reader up on happenings but rather to test out our continued ability to post.

It’s finished! This was my first time turning an open segmented piece in two parts and then glueing them together. This made it easier to access the inside but it complicated the overall process and made it more like making two pieces simultaneously. The finished piece consists of maple and walnut, 12 segments/row, approximately 15 inches tall by 8 inches wide (37cm x 21cm). Continue reading “The Little Vase That Was”

2013: Truth in Numbers

We’re a little late to this 2013 paddle log thread but here are the digits for we three Sig’s. I think I counted everything correctly as the year went on. 2013 Family Activity Log 2013 saw each of us paddling for over 32 days this year on 15-18 different streams streams for 113-170 miles. We continued to try out lots of boats this year which means some of us paddled 10 different boats. Some were open boats and I’ve since made the switch to paddling canoes. This, of course, upped all of our swim counts compared to the year before though Mandy still has the fewest (duh!). Last year also saw us camping out 23-38 nights last year and hiking 40-108 miles. Hiking has taken a backseat to paddling but Mandy got her numbers up by spending three weeks rambling around the western US. Even our dog Hayduke managed to hike 31 miles and camp out 11 nights which is more than many folks. He really is a luck dog. All in all, it was another great year and a lot of that credit goes to the community of paddlers that makeup the Arkansas Canoe Club … those folks have taken us in to safely show us the ropes. SYOTR!

How boats are made

Ever wonder how modern canoes and kayaks are made? We did, so we went in search of a few videos and figured we’d share them here. It seems like most kayaks are made by rotomolding though one or two companies blowmold them… most canoes are made of Royalex and are made by vacuum forming but this material won’t be manufactured after spring 2014… SOME canoes (mainly the more modern/short whitewater canoes like those made by Blackfly and Esquif), are made by rotomolding… and Mohawk Canoes is working on a blowmolding process for their new whitewater canoe. How to make a kayak – rotomolding (Liquidlogic) How to make a kayak –¬†rotomolding (Jackson) How to make a kayak –¬†blowmolding (Prijon) Royalex vacuum molding – (Novacraft)