Lexington Polo Tournament

Mid-West Bike Polo Open

LRBP learned a lot in Austin and then we learned even more in Lexington, KY at the 1st Midwest Open bike polo tournament. Nathan, Dan and I asked the organizers questions, we asked the computer programmer guy questions, we participated in the refereeing meeting and we helped ref several games. We paid attention to how the registration and the after-party was done. We also had a great host who loaned us his apartment and some of us discovered FourLoko (just in time for it to become banned).

With these notes, we should be well prepared to put on our next tournament and show our polo friends a good time!
The courts in Lexington were very nice (and blue!) and a lot bigger than our home courts. This led to me feeling like I was always chasing the ball around. Our passing game was pretty good due to recent practicing. I think we played good defense but our shooting wasn’t up to par. And the larger courts led to us getting tired and allowing goals to be scored in the final couple of minutes.

We went into this weekend wanting to score at least one point in every game and we accomplished that. Our scores from Saturdays games:

1-3 them
4-2 us
1-3 them
1-4 them
‎3-2 us